Things to Learn in App Building and Marketing: Are you ready for it?

Let’s say that you are wanting that piece of meat in the world of app craze. You believed that your idea and your profound imagination to build the app that you constantly visualize will definitely bring you the life of wine and luxury, well, you just might be right. Or not.

There are so much to learn about making app and marketing your app. It’s not just an “I have an idea” that will make you through. Of course, you need that some kind of lightbulb on your head. But you need to understand that saturation, over time, will kill the enthusiast.

But what the heck? Market competition, in any circumstances, will always be there. You don’t need to compete, just create (Jim Rohn).

So let me walk you through the things that you need to learn in building and marketing apps.

Start with the fundamentals

Are you going to reinvent the wheel?

There are over a million of apps across two different platforms. Last year, statista reported that Android got 1.6 millions apps to choose from, while Apple got 1.5 millions where you are free to buy. With these kind of numbers, are you still positive that you’ll soar the sky?

Let’s take that idea of yours, or even if you have none but you are just eager to create an app, you need to ask these few questions to yourself – How I’m going to start? How much I’m going to spend? Who are the people that I’m gonna work with?

Whether you’re going to build your app by your own hands (if you are really capable) or you’re going to find a developer to do it for you, you foremostly need to study the market.

How I’m going start?

By studying the market, you’ll understand if the app you’re going to build is really gonna sell. You need to analyze the trends and find apps that are dominating on those fields. There’s a big chance that your app is not the newest of kind in this competitive game. Somebody might just built it without you knowing.

You gotta learn from your potential competitor. The most intuitive action you need to do is see what they are doing. Study how they do it and spot what they are missing.

The most effective way to see the flaws of your rival is to go through the reviews. Read all of it so you can plan on what you’re going to make up from the things that are missing.

How much I’m going to spend?

If you’re going to ask me an estimation of how much you’re going to spend, my only answer is ‘you gotta have the right budget’. This may sound generally stupid, but in the world of building and marketing apps, you gotta spend from the very moment your project begins and you’re going to spend more until it will make it.

If you’re planning to make a game app, from car racing to shooting, a budget of 25k might be enough. Yup, that’s 25k.

Where are you gonna spend that money? That comes next…

Who are the people that I’m gonna work with?

This is the most crucial part in building apps. You need to work with somebody that you are comfortable and who is also interested on your idea.

Developers are not hard to find, but they are the kind of people that needs a little persuasion and lot of patience.


Plan your marketing strategy

Yes, from the moment you got hit by an idea of making an app. You need to draw your marketing blueprint along with it. (That also includes your marketing cash)

Say you built the most sophisticated and most amazing best app ever, no one will know about it unless to hit your marketing hard. This is meant to say that you need to spend more into advertising and getting networks to promote your app.

I know that you’re thinking you can do it with just your ASO strategy. But unfortunately, with the numbers stated, it’s gonna be a long run.


I know that you’re feeling a bit of doubt if you’re good enough to step the pedal. There might be risks, also chances of failures. That’s life. That’s business.

But no matter how hard, if you really believed that it’ll gonna work. It will certainly work.

So if you think that idea is the best of kind. Then, don’t over think about the process. Think how it will end up.

Are you ready now?