Getting the Right Number of Downloads Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Earn More

There are seemingly fads in the app marketing world and app marketers are too anxious to know if they are doing any better. If you think that I’m one of them, you are certainly right. Tell me, who isn’t? We’re talking about something that could change lives…

But does everything boils down to the number of downloads? Am I going to earn more if there are more downloads?

Let me bust you the direct-to-the-point without breaking your heart  – there’s no certainty between the number of downloads and the amount of stash that you can potentially earn. Why?

Here are the reasons why;app-store-1174440_640

Which Store Are You In

Of course I’m referring to the 2 big boss in app marketing, App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Google) – which obviously dominates the game. I’m saying this because some of you might not know that there are also other stores like Microsoft Store.

As part of your market research, you should have studied the demographics of the potential users between these app stores.

Apple Store obviously got the high account of having users who are usually app purchasers, while Google got the most user downloads. Knowing that Apple initiates the larger expense in keeping the developers happy, Google also played it’s part by enhancing devs’ app monetization.

Now, are you going for the store that will pay you good amount of money? Or you will ride with the one that will help you along the way to earn more money?

Is it Free or Paid

Being a startup app marketer, you have to be precise about your app. Is it for free or they need to buy it for a buck? This plays a huge role in keeping your app downloads higher. Of course people are “in” to something that is for free, but some are decent enough to pick a good app even it’s worth 10$.

You’re getting this right?

Even if you have only 100 downloads per day with an app price of $1.99, you’ll earn a good amount of money. I know it will not take less than $6,000 to create an app but you’ll get it back in just a month or two. And also, downloads boost during weekends.

How about a 1,000 downloads per day?

That’s easy for a free app. However, you need to play your game really well in monetizing ads and in-app purchases.

Are You Monetizing to the Max

Quality over quantity. A certain rule that one might miss out.

There many ways how you can monetize your app, but there’s a limit to how you will do it. This is true to the fact that most of the aspiring app devs are not keen enough to consider how the user will respond to the ads and face slap purchases.

No matter how great is your app if there’s a big turnoff on the user’s experience on the side of how you say “buy this”, you’ll certainly lose all the good stuff.

A good comparison again with 100 vs 1000 download app. When the 100 download app is able to squeeze good sum of money by delivering the best monetization strategy, the 1000 download app can never clash out. See that?

Whether you’re offering your app as paid or freemium, you need to constantly tweak and see how it performs.


Talking about performance, having a good grip on your app analytics is extremely crucial in this kind of business. Doing experiments and understanding how users react to certain changes will contribute to the lifelong learning process of how app marketing is done.

Don’t get fiasco when you think that you’re not having more downloads. Study every drop and spike. And see what you can do about it.

But sometimes, you also need to learn when to let it go. If the first time doesn’t work out as what you’ve expected, build new one and see how it works again.

Last drop

Naturally, you want more downloads, but you need to analyze first how you’re earning from the current graph you have. If everything is running smooth and you have already enough dough, skyrocket your app by investing more on marketing and reaching out other app developers.

And of course, tweak like a geek on your ASO.