Core Strategies that Every Indie Game App Developer Should Know

Core Strategies that Every Indie Game App Developer Should Knowentrepreneur-696976_640

There is a massive audience and competition in the virtual world. Doubts and hesitations may popped-up in  some (if not all) app developer’s mind  from time to time, asking the common question; How can i develop a mobile app game that people will download and enjoy?.

According to there’s more than 80% time spent on apps than on browser. Now, isn’t this a good news to all indie game app developers as well as to those aspiring ones?

Do not hesitate to materialize that idea that’s been in your mind.

Here are the Core Strategies that will guide you:

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

What kind of game app you want to develop? Casino type? Adventure? or the Classic Tap-tap?

I’m a game app addict, myself. Though COC is one of the most played app, I prefer to play tower defense type of games. Quick and easy fun games.

Now, you have to understand and study what your market’s preferences. And ideally, this type of app is also what you love to play.painting-1081808_640

Be Creative and Innovative

Users will fall in love on game apps that looks exciting and fun to play. Whether you emulate or build a new kind of game app, you need to deliver your creativity.

The accessibility of the game without an Internet connection (after downloaded) will attract the hardcore gamers. Games like RPGs, those quests which took hours and hours of grinding from dungeons to dungeons, doesn’t really require an internet connection.

Turning your WIFI will increase the battery life consumption. So you need to be innovative on handling this kind of feature.

Simplify Things

Do not make a game app that is too complicated. Users usually play the game just to enjoy their spare time ( some may get hooked to it) or they play it because it’s the ‘talk of the town’ and they just don’t want to be left behind.

“We want quick access and quick gameplay.”

Don’t bother with the login wall that will pop right out. Integrate with Google Login so it will make things easier.

Polish your App

You have to engage the audience. You have to consider what attracts them, visually pleasing to them and what they’re looking for in a game app.

Is it excitement? The thrill?

A good sense of ideas and design will make a great impact on your app. The goal is to make an app that the users will going to play it almost everyday.

Your app may not be one of Google’s best but your app still needs polishing. Make sure that it is running well and update it from time to time to enhance player’s engagement.

Do not limit the gamers chance of playing the game.

Reach out to Social Media

Bigtime game developers got tons of cash to pay for advertisements. They have team of professional developers and they can easily market their game app because they have all the resources to make it possible.

But for an indie game app developer who has little financial capabilities, all you need to do is to use social media. Post everything and promote your game app to your family,friends and all networks you have. Go viral!

Be Persistent

One thing that ALL successful people do, is to never give up!

Success is not an overnight achievement. It’s a continuous process. Developing a game app doesn’t mean you got that “piece of cake’. Work hard for it, invest and also learn to appreciate other game app developers work. In that way you will acquire new ideas to enhance your app.

When you say Core Strategies, it means that you need to know yourself and understand yourself.

For what it takes, in the game app industry or in any field, believing to what you can do is the ultimate strategy.

Learn the basics. Be creative and always innovate.

It’s not a ‘one shot to the moon’. It’s a continuous process of learning and applying the things you learned, that will bring success to a indie game app developer like you.