App Builder Guides

For preview your apps you build, please visit this

and install the previewer on your android device

you can also send files like apk etc… to and from your Android device with this great site:

Here the app to install for transfer apk.

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If after 24 hours of activation your account you see that you eligible to build only 1 app per month – so do this:

Go inside your account

then go to this link:

Here the four simple steps to every app you want to create:

1) go to your profile app builder page, the click on “Subscription.”

2) Then see there: “Business – (View)” – click on it

3) see this “To add more applications to this plan click here” – click on it

4) Add all apps you want

Here all video to learn the app builder platform:

Written tutorial

Getting Started…

    1. How to create an application?
    2. How to design your app?
    3. How to Edit your app?
    4. How style.css works. Template improvements.
    5. How to change the background?
    6. How to add a new application to your plan?
    7. How to submit an iOS App?
    8. How to submit an Android App?
    9. How to update your app?
    10. Automatic Build – How to request it?
    11. How to use Application Loader?

Features Tutorials

    1. How to add / delete a page?
    2. How to duplicate an existing app?
    3. How to convert an iPhone app to iPad app?
    4. How to choose the app target?
    5. How to see the app Statistics?
    6. How to activate Push Notification?
    7. How to use Dynamic HTML?
    8. How to convert a page type to another?
    9. How to add chapters to a book in iPhone app?
    10. How to add an audio file to iPhone app?
    11. How to add an YouTube video to iPhone application?
    12. How to link to my website
    13. SeattleClouds Custom URL Schemes
    14. How to use Embed Application Code?
    15. Enabling Your App for Newsstand
    16. Prompt users to rate your app
    17. How to enable and use resource synchronization?
    18. Creating, Editing and Publishing a WebApp
    19. What are Google Play Store expansion files?
    20. How to use In-App Resources and Cloud Resources
    21. Using In-App Purchasing (iOS)
    22. Using In-App Billing (Android)
    23. Using App Styles

Page Type Tutorials

    1. Announcements
    2. AppShare
    3. Audio Stream
    4. Barcode Scanner
    5. BMI Calculator
    6. Button Menu
    7. Calculator
    8. Calendar
    9. Camera Cover
    10. Category Goal Tracker
    11. Check-In
    12. Color Menu
    13. Content Menu
    14. Coupon
    15. Drag & Drop
    16. Dictionary
    17. Email Attachment
    18. EPUB
    19. EPUB Reader
    20. Facebook Fan Page
    21. Favorites
    22. Feedback
    23. Form
    24. Game Bike
    25. Globe
    26. Goal Tracker
    27. GPS Coupon
    28. Grid Menu
    29. HealthKit
    30. HTML
    31. Image Area
    32. Image Menu
    33. Image List
    34. In-App Browser
    35. Karaoke
    36. Large Button Menu
    37. 3D Layers
    38. Lighter
    39. Location Finder
    40. Login
    41. Loyalty
    42. Magazine Menu
    43. Map
    44. Magazine Store
    45. Media List
Template Tutorials

    1. BookStore
    2. CoffeeShops
    3. Christmas
    4. MobileAppBlank
    5. Quiz
    6. Winter
    7. Wildlife
    8. MemebershipAreas
    9. XCuisine
    10. Mobile Shop

Technical Tutorials

    1. How to create a Distribution Certificate?
    2. How to create a Distribution Provisioning Profile (.mobileprovision)?
    3. How to generate an APN Certificate (.cer) file in order to enable Push Notification?
    4. How to create an In-App Purchase?
    5. How to enable iAd in your application?
    6. How to enable Apple Push Notification (APN) service?
    7. How to find iOS device ID?
    8. Images for iPhone 4 Retina display, sharp and crystal clear
    9. Prompt users to rate your app
    10. How to customize your app style using Page Settings?
    11. Ways to Embed Media Files in Your App
    12. How to add into your application iAd, AdMob or SeattleClouds Ad
    13. How to add PollFish Ads in your app
    14. How to export .p12 key from Keychain
    15. How to allow restricted access for an app on SeattleClouds
    16. How to install an Instant Ad Hoc on device
    17. Getting the Google Maps Android API v2
    18. How to customize Page Settings from the App Dashboard?
    19. How to create a Custom Native Page Type via SeattleCloud SDK?
    20. How to create a custom HTML Page Type via SeattleCloud?
    21. How to publish your app on Google Play Store?
    22. How to configure and add AdMob Ads into your application
    23. How to configure and add RevMob Ads into your application
    24. How to configure Google Analytics for your apps
    25. How to get a Facebook App ID (Facebook API Key)


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