Month: July 2016

Data Saver (Android Development Patterns S3 Ep 6)

Metered connections have a real monetary cost associated with them for many users. Data Saver expands on the background optimizations available in Marshmallow by adding a system wide setting to disable background data usage on all apps. With a new API added to ConnectivityManager, you can check the current state of Data Saver and adjust

Android Developer Story: Culture Alley reaches millions of English learners on Google Play

Culture Alley developed the app Hello English to help Indians learn English through gamification, supporting over 15 dialects. Hear Nishant Patni, Founder & CEO and Pranshu Bhandari, Co-Founder, explain how they optimized the app to improve user retention and address challenges faced by emerging markets using various Google Play tools. – Learn more best practices

Bundled Notifications (Android Development Patterns S3 Ep 5)

Read the blog post: Bundled notifications allows you to group similar notifications, giving users the ability to acts on the entire group or expand it to interact with individual notifications. Build great individual notifications, group them together, then create a summary notification – used on older Android versions and to build the bundle’s header on

Android Developer Story: StoryToys finds success with the Family section on Google Play

StoryToys is a leading publisher of interactive books and games for children. Like most kids’ app developers, they faced the challenges of engaging with the right audiences to get their content discovered. Hear Emmet O’Neill, Chief Product Officer, and Gavin Barrett, Commercial Director, discuss how the Family section creates a trusted and creative space for